GlogsterEDU Projects for Students

October 15, 2011 in activity, education, Glog, Glogster, GlogsterEDU, google sites, interactive, Interactive Projects, Livescribe, Math Projects, online tools, poster, project, Teaching, Teaching Online, TechFriends(Geeks) by Sue Glascoe


Next week my students in my Math For Elementary Teachers class will be creating a Glog:  an interactive, online poster.   GlogsterEDU will allow them to create their Glog for free and publish it to their Google Website for the class.

I just finished creating a new Glog to show a few uses of the Livescribe smartpen in the classroom.  I plan on using this as an example when I teach them how to use GlogsterEDU.

Link to the Glog if you cannot see it above.

I will post some of their work when completed!